The AWM Robot was developed by Innova AS at the request of a national grid operator. Using their extensive expertise in undersea robotics, Innova AS refined the AWM Robot design into a rugged, reliable, cutting edge industrial robotic tool.

Innova Aerial was formed as a joint venture between Innova AS and helicopter industry professionals to introduce the AWM Robot and its operation to the global market.

  • Fully Automated

    The pilot places the marker in the assigned position using vertical reference, and the AWM Robot automatically ensures correct alignment, installs 4 bolts to the proper torque, and signals the pilot when the operation is complete.

  • Single Pilot

    Operation requires only single pilot aircrew and ground crew to load the AWM Robot.

  • Built-in quality control

    AWM Robot automatically logs bolt torque and other information so you have a record of all marker installs.

  • High Quality Markers

    We have partnered with leading marker manufacturers to provide high quality options which can be installed with the AWM Robot.

  • Helicopter Agnostic

    Class B External Load does not require Supplemental Type Certificate or specialized installation

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